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Who We Are

The Letter Bug is a reading program based in Broward County, Florida. The company strives to help children develop a love for reading as they develop valuable reading skills. This goal is achieved by entertaining children while they learn their alphabets, phonics, phonemic awareness, and phonological awareness. Children are entertained with ABC games such as Take the Alphabet Challenge, and with art activities such as Alphabet Art and Be the Illustrator. Children will be enthusiastic about learning while becoming involved with The Letter Bug's reading programs because they are designed to help your child to have fun while learning to read. 
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Learn It!

    Alphabet Art

Learning the Alphabet

The Letter Bug uses art to teach children their alphabet. The company calls it Alphabet Art. Learning the alphabet while doing alphabet art allows children to have fun and express themselves. This method gives children the opportunity to LEARN the alphabet and develop a love for learning at the same time.

Use it: Learn to read

Use It!

    Take the Alphabet Challenge

Using The Alphabet

There is nothing like going on an adventure, and The Letter Bug reading program will allow children to start that journey. Children will go on a learning adventure as they use their alphabet art to play Take the Alphabet Challenge. This is one of many ABC games that will inspire children to develop a passion for learning while they try to master letter recognition and phonics. ABC games are a great way for children to USE what they have learned. Below is a link to an alphabet video for kids that can show you and your child how to turn alphabet art into a game. 

I Know it: using the reading programs

Know It!

    Be the Illustrator

Knowing The Words

As children learn letters, they will be introduced to new words. As a result, children will learn that letters make words and words tell a story. The Letter Bug reading programs provide stories for children to read and illustrate. Children will enjoy the art of learning to read using the books that the Letter Bug has to offer because they will be able to tell their own story as an illustrator by giving the story a setting, creating expressions for characters, and so on. Using this method, children will be able to connect reading with having fun. Then, they will KNOW that reading is fun.

Company Goals

The Letter Bug is dedicated to helping children become proficient readers. The company aims to help each child reach his or her reading potential without pressure but with entertaining activities.

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