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Parents Are the First Teachers

Posted on June 19, 2017 at 3:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Parents Are the First Teachers: 

So, Are You the Anxious, Pushy, or the Oh Well parent?

Many researchers agree, parents are the first teachers. It is important for parents to teach their children. However, many parents think that teaching starts with learning reading, writing, and math skills. If you thought that, you were wrong my friend. Teaching begins well before that. Teaching begins with how we teach our children the art of love. Children do not come into the world knowing how to love. Parents teach them. How much love are you showing your children? Hopefully you are giving your children a lot of love and attention because this will help them respond to the next level of teaching which is behavior. Behavior should not be taught through fear; behavior should be taught through love. Love teaches children how they should behave and gives them the choice to behave. Just let children know that for each decision there are consequences, positive or negative. However, they get to choose the behavior and the consequences. Just make sure that you do not reward bad behavior. Then, we move on to teaching them other important things like reading, writing, and math skills. Just like behavior, these skills should be taught through the act of love. So, what does teaching with love look like?

Am I Too Anxious? :/

• I’m afraid my child will not know enough when he starts grade school.

• My child does not know his alphabet or his sounds. Am I a bad parent for just letting him play?

These are some of the things that appear in the anxious parents’ minds. They are never sure that they are doing enough for their children. They want the best, but they are not sure what the best looks like. They just hope that they are doing things the right way. Sometimes these anxious parents evolve. They turn into pushy parents.

Am I Too Pushy? :mad:

• My child needs to practice writing, or he will not be prepared for kindergarten.

• Turn off the television, and let’s go to the tutor.

Pushy parents want to force their children into being what they think their children should be. If they want a smart child, they will push their child to learn as much as possible in order to get ahead. If they want their child to go to college, they might invest in a tutor. Most important, pushy parents think that they are giving their children choices by pushing them to strive for the best so that they can be anything that they want to be. Parents who think that this method is too stressful for their children might evolve into the oh well type of parent.

Am I the Oh Well Parent? 8)

• Oh well! She doesn’t know her alphabet and sounds by the time she goes to school. Her teacher can teach her.

• Oh well! I do not have enough time to read to my child. The teacher can read to her.

• Oh well! I can’t do anything to help my child. I’m not equipped. Oh well!

The oh well parent takes their responsibilities and push it into the hands of the educational system or someone else. Oh Well!

At one time or another, many of us have fallen into one of these categories. Is anyone one of them okay? You decide what teaching with love looks like!


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