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Learn to Read By Becoming the Illustrator

Learn to Read by Becoming the Illustrator

Learn It!

Children should learn the word families presented in each story of The Letter Bug Books, Be the Illustrator. This requires patience in order to the child to learn at his/her own pace. Do not punish or push him/her to know. Help them to learn to read.

Use It!

The child will take the skills that was learned (word families) and put them to use. This is the beginning stage of the child's journey that will enable him/her to learn to read. Additionally, the child will learn reading (sight) words by reading them in the story. Parents, caregivers, or teachers should read the reading words as they appear in the story as many times as needed to help the child remember them. When the child has mastered the words on each page, he/she should try to read the page without any help. Remember, patience is the key that will enable the child to use the skills that he/she has learned.

Know It!

Once the child can read the word families and reading words on each page, he/she should demonstrate understanding by becoming illustrators. Illustrating the story links reading with having fun. If a child does not want to illustrate, that is okay. He/she can tell the parent, caregiver, or teacher about what is going on in the story. For instance, instead of drawing a boy playing on a sunny day, the child can tell or demonstrate how the boy is playing on a sunny day. The more the child reads and illustrates or tells and demonstrates a story the more interested in the story the child will become. This will allow children to know that reading is fun.

Make a habit out of reading with or to your children everyday so they can develop and keep an interest in reading.

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