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ABC Games/  Take the alphabet Challenge

Using Alphabet Art and ABC Games to help children learn the alphabet.

Learn It! 

Print out or draw the letter of the alphabet. The order in which to print out the letters is located in the Do You Know the Letters book series. Next, set out different art materials for your child to use to decorate his/her letter. Before the child begins the art piece, let him/her know which letter of the alphabet that he/she is decorating as well as the sound of the letter. 

Use It! 

The beginning stage of playing the ABC Games is art. Allow the child to have fun decorating his/her letter using different types of art mediums. Remind the child from time to time of the letter and its sound. At this stage, the child is using art to learn the letter. (Note: if the child does not want to do art, that is okay. Parents can encourage the child by doing art with him/her, or parents can print or draw the letter. Parents should not pressure their child to do what they do not naturally want to do.)

Know It! 

Then, it is time to see if the child knows the letter by playing ABC Games. By this time, the child has finished decorating his/her letter using different art mediums. Now, it is time to put the letter on a wall, refrigerator, TV, etc and have the child Take the Alphabet Challenge. The more letters the child has posted up, the more challenging the game will be.

With the Letter Bug system, children will have fun playing ABC Games while learning their alphabet. Thereby, helping children to develop a lifetime love for learning.

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